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Dazzled - For Wild Butterflies by FK design
Release Date: 14.10.06

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1. to overpower or dim the vision of by intense light:
2. to impress deeply; astonish with delight:
3. to excite admiration by brilliance
6. an act or instance of dazzling: the dazzle of the spotlights.
7. something that dazzles.

Presenting Dazzled for Wild Butterflies By FK Design; 6 Styles for the Clothing (shoes, skirt, body and jewels) and 6 Styles for the wings.

We all have a light and darker,

If your fairy is sweet and good, loves to flutter around the blossom, then the 3 Lighter textures are just her thing;

- Dawn; Lovely purple on white with flowers, fresh and youthful.
- Delight; Golden yellow brocade with delicate white satin, soft in every way.
- Nature; Light brown leather with a touch of class, great for the outdoors.

But if she is playing tricks, playful at night and even likes to scare the spiders, then the 3 Darker textures are just what you need;

- Desire; Black and red velvet, sultry and warm as ever
- Night; Black and purple velvet/satin, with detailed little flowers, playful indeed!
- Trick; Yellow and red striped outfit, with just a splash of Ghothness, sweet as candy

All these textures are made with eye for detail and are different and unique to give your fairy that disired look, innocent or a rascal, from cute to seductive.

Have a look at the pictures for all styles and more details! Most of all, have fun!

°° What your get °°
06 Textures for the Body
06 Textures for the Skirt
06 Textures for the Shoes
06 Textures for the Jewels
06 Textures for the Wings
01 Transmap for the Body
02 Transmaps for the Skirt
02 Transmaps for the Wings
01 Reflectionmap for the Jewels

Aiko, Clothing Models, poses and lights used on promotion pictures not included in purchase!

Requires Aiko 3 or Victoria 3 figure and Wild Butterflies by FK Design (3DCumunne).