About Me


If you want to contact me, there are several ways to do so;

On Yahoo: ID Gwende27
On MSN: logical_fantasy@hotmail.com

I also have a MySpace Page :D Whisper_at_the_Moon if you would be interested ;)

Please be aware that when you contact me true a direct messenger service, to let me know you came from here ;) I had my share of weirdo's :D

Name: Donna Louise Maria de Leeuw
Alias: Gwende, Gwendydd, Shadowheart
Date of Birth: Juli 26th 1973
Gender: Female (incase you did not notice that yet lol)
Location: Almere - The Netherlands
Languages: Dutch, English and very little Spanish and German (which I do understand completely, I just do not speak it very well).
Eye Color: Green
Hair color: Dark Blond, most of the time with High and Low lights, sometimes some Red.
Height/weight: 168cm and 61 Kg ...
Hobby: Playing World of Warcraft, Creating digital art, my Poser store, reading, cooking, movies, web design and more ... to be honest, to much for one lifetime : )
Fav colors: Black, purple, red, pink
Fav food: Sandwich (every variarity), Grilled Chicken, Cheesburgers (soo bad but sooo good), Fresh veggies with anything, pizza, uhm well general all Italian food, , Mexican or Thai.
Music: A Perfect Circle, Rammstein, UFO, Eels, Mana, Radiohead, Within Temptation, and a lot more rock and pop bands
Movies: The Crow I, Braveheart, Constatine, The Village, War of the Worlds and lots more

Just some basics:

I was born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, till I was about 9 years old, then we moved to Purmerend.
I moved back to Amsterdam when I was 20, the last year of my study I did there,and I had met the most lovely and sweetest guy a year back then (in the year 1992 hehe), and we moved in to a little 2-room appartment together. In 1998 Rob and I moved to Almere, a 'real' house, so 'huge' that our floorcarpet form the other livingroom fitted in our bedroom *grins*. I work for a company that is a wholesaler, I started working there when I was 22 or something, not that it was my plan to do so, but I could not get a job in the part I got my degree on...I am a beautician LOL, but that world is so not me *aldo I am crazy on makup and makeovers hehe* , so now I am happy to work there and do the administration and export/sales for them.
We share our home with our kitty Libby who has a temper but is getting sweeter by the day (got her from the pound, she has kind of a story to tell I think). We have no kids but maybe someday we will, or not, who knows :) When I have spare time I spend it with Rob and watch movies or cook together, or play World Of Warcraft (Terenas EU server, say hi to Adresteia, Gwendydd or Dianthe when you there, my Hubby playes too). I also am trying to get a little dream come true and would love to have my own bussines in Art (?!) and Poser Addons, that is slowly taking a start now, but as I still work fulltime it is more dreaming that doing as time is short at hand, but doing my best as I want to make it work! I went to fitness once a week so I had the feeling I was doing something :P but doing this after 3 years the fun was gone, so I am getting a crosstrainer and go wild at home : ) I am crazy about animals in all shapes and sizes, and love nature. I can really enjoy just sitting in the middle of our grassyfield in the garden en just look at the butterflies, bees, frogs and birds. I love cats, birds, horses and butterflies.

I started on the internet around the year 2001, I was trying to make my own site and wanted some original graphics and form one came the other. www.moonpixels.nl was born, then know under the name Gwende's Graphics Galore :P It is still online, but it so needs an update as it is more then a year agon, but heck I NEED TIME lol, give me 72 hours a day and I am a happy bunny ; )

My websites:
- MoonGraphics (My Art gallery, Poser Store & Poserfreebies)
- Moonpixels (free graphics like wallpapers, backgrounds an more)
- MoonpixelDollz (my wicked but sweet hobby: pixeldolls *hiatus*)
- The Fantasy Realm Revisited (fantasy site all faery, dragons unicorns and more) -CLOSED-
- A Moon's Lullaby (my personal site with poetry etc) -CLOSED-
- My Witchy Way (site about Wicca) -CLOSED-

Peace in your mind and love in your heart,

May the light always shine on the path that you choose,

Brightest Blessings

xXX Donna