The Gallery
This is the area where I share my creations made with the mediums Vue d'Esprit 4, Bryce 5, Poser 5 and PSP 8.
They are seperated in categories for your conveniance, some are small, some are big.
Some of these pictures could contain artistic nudity, but those will be clearly marked so you may decide if you want to view or not.

Sometimes I have to catch my muse as she seems to have a wicked nature to run of when I need her the most.
Other times she wakes me in the middle of the night and I need to get the image out of my head..I blame her for these :D

Please be considerate and don't steal artwork, artists work very hard on their projects .. and so do I...

If you like, you are free to use any of these images as wallpaper for personal use only. Do not use these on websites or for any imagework!!!
If there is any piece(s) that you would like to have (or intrested for a layout with them) please contact me by mail :)

If you use any of these images for other use, you are violating my copyright laws, and I will take legal actions.

*all galleries contain thumbnails, when clicked the will open the image in a new window*


Some of these graphics deal with mature subject matter and subtle tasteful artistic nudity is displayed.