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Friday, 31 October 2022

As it seems I am still alive, but live has grabbed me more times then I suspected, this site seem more of a relic every day, however, I regain assess to my site (yeah!) and will see what I will do with it. A lot is sadly lost as my Pc & Backup died on me, and well, as it suck, it is what it is, lots of work and software are gone. No future ado, I have this back, and will play around again, however, in what kind of way, I do not know (yet) :)


Friday, 15 April 2011
New freebie to share, trying to restart :P

I think I have to introduce myself again (one year oO) gosh time flies so fast! And reallife is also busy lol, but you all know how it goes I guess :)
I will be starting with some freebies, you know, free candy is better to get attention then anything else XD
And then I see were this road will take me, going to start with a new Brand aswell (that will be LittleMoon, suits better ^^), and want to get my own shop up as the older products are kicked by stores for new items (all good and well, but old aint alwasy bad hehe)
New freebies are Texturepacks, you can find them on the Merchant Resource page.
Wishing you all a lovely day *hug*


Thursday, 14 April 2009
Store is open, new freebie, I am Back!!!! My health kept me away a long time, and I apologize for that, I try to see this last year as an unplanned sabbatical.....
However.....I am getting back into it again (say with me WOOOT), my muse also recovered and I returned, things on here wont go so fast as before, but RL need attention too right : )
To make a long story short, I went and took a tumble from the stairs, hit my head pretty hard and that went not so well, the recovery took time, after several scans/ visits to hospital last year, my hard drive is back on track. All sounds scary, and it was to be honest, but I am(still (insert some evil laughter as you please) here!
AND I have a new product out: Presenting Redux : Bouquet Noir, a Texture Expansion for Infamous & Scandalous A3, V3 & V4 by Lady Littlefox. (check store page for more info)
AND no. 2: I have a new Freebie, Kicking Cute, a texture expansion for the Lovely Senses Dress by Pretty 3D. (containing 3 texture sets) Show your cute and kick booty ^^

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